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Nick works in his own drum studio, in Dublin, Ireland. Sometimes alone, sometimes with the full EXTREME RHYTHM ensemble.
If larger facilities are required, Nick regularly works in many of Dublins top professional studios. 

Celtic Warrior Drums has a collection of most percussive sounds you can imagine. From Concert Toms in 10 sizes, Lambegs, Bodhrans, Full Japanese Taiko Set, 6 Drum Kits, 5 Concert Bass Drums, a dedicated cymbals/gongs/metals/FX room, the list goes on and on!   We will work with you to get the instrumentation you want - and in very specialist cases, the instrumentalist for the job!

Above all, and without sounding too 'arty' ...Celtic Warrior Percussion brings authentic Warrior Energy.  And that's simply the truth!  No more, no less! Without this missing link, the finest instruments in the world played by the top orchestral players, in the most astounding settings, simply can't deliver.  It's 'Correct', but it's not 'Right' ... and you just can't explain it.   We can!  And we can fix it!

Celtic Warrior percussion is recorded under all these conditions, but with authentic warrior intensity - see our gallery!

Your vision is our mission!


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