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About Nick Bailey

NICK BAILEY is an international award winning percussionist, producer, and concept creator.  He has toured and recorded with all of the major Celtic acts over the years.   From Riverdance and Celtic Woman to the more recent Extreme Rhythm and critically acclaimed Angela's Ashes the Musical.

He has also worked extensively outside of the Celtic genre, with commercial acts and productions such as Kelly Clarkson, The X-Factor, The Voice, Eurovision, and Dancing with the Stars.

Nick is known for his unique warrior style, and his spellbinding primal rhythmic layers, whether imitating the tiniest sounds imaginable, or bringing about the end-of-the-world-apocalypse-as-we-know-it!

Nick has been musical director and composer of the EXTREME RHYTHM warrior drummers for 20 years now. 

If you're looking for an epic percussion sound with HUGE impact, your search ends here!  

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