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The Process

How it works ...

  • Tell us as much as you can about you, your project, your sound, your image, your website, social media. etc.

  • Give us an idea of what you'd like us to record on - links to sample tracks, music scores, bare sketches, or just tell us about it - if it's not in existence yet - that's absolutely fine!!  We've been there!!!

  • We will give you an idea of the services we can offer that we think are relevant to you and your project, along with an idea of cost. 

  • If that all sounds good, we will ask you for a deposit, so we can book a recording day in the diary for you.

  • We will record your track(s) on the agreed scheduled date, and will send you an MP3 for your feedback.

  • You let us know about revisions/ changes - and we work together to get the take you want!

  • Once you're happy, you pay the agreed balance.

  • We send you your high quality files immediately!

  • We keep in touch, follow your progress, and take great delight in sharing your releases and successes with the world, knowing that we had the pleasure of playing a small part in your vision!

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