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Electronic Sequencing


Native Instruments

Our facility features a fully kitted out Native Instruments Suite, using Maschine Studio, Maschine Jam, and Maschine Mikro.  We also use Behringer Modular Synths and Arturia Soft Synths. Nick can sequence percussion for all styles (Hybrid is possible), and specialises in EDM.  Big Beat and Breakbeat are his specialty!



Sequencing for Live Performance

Nick has used Maschine Jam to create beats for live acts such as Jenny Greene and the RTE Concert Orchestra.   Also for Extreme Rhythm's track 'LEYANDA' from their 'Saturns Shadow' album, which appeared on the official Grammy Ballot in 2017 in 'Record of the Year' category, and is often included in their live performances, triggered by the NI Maschine Jam.

Sequencing: Features
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